Reading level: Ages 8-12
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers
Language: English
ISBN: 0316114278, 978-0316114271

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

There are many fun things you can do after reading WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON. You can do activities from this ACTIVITY BOOK or have an event using this EVENT KIT!


activities wtmmtm bkcov With this ACTIVITY BOOK you can:

•Make a Compass (like Minli!)
•Draw a Dragon (that could come to life)
•Determine the Age of the Dragon (using peach math)
•Map Your Own Connections (with red threads)
•Think About Your Own Answers (with a reading guide)
•Find Symbols in the Story (learn about Chinese symbolism)
•Chinese Lesson (write the Chinese characters for mountain and moon)
•Have a Feast (recipes to enjoy with the book)

Download the ACTIVITY BOOK for all of them!


You can also have a WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON event! Perfect for Moon Festival celebrations or Mother-Daughter Book Clubs, here is a downloadable pdf EVENT KIT!

This kit provides a download-able invite, posters and instructions for the journey-like game all based on WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON.

wtmmtm eventphoto1 wtmmtm eventphoto2 wtmmtm eventphoto3

The game is an age-appropriate series of puzzles; kids are rewarded at the end with a mysterious gift. The meaning of that gift can only be revealed by reading the book.

Readers of the book get to relive the story of Minli's journey, readers who have not yet read the book get excited and ALL have a great time! Download the event kit HERE!


You can also play the WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON Board Game!
Created by wonderful reader, Emme (age 11)!

Perfect for Book Clubs or families that read the book together, this board game is delightful fun.

Relive your favorite parts, test your memory and pretend to be on the journey yourself!

wtmmtm eventphoto2  wtmmtm eventphoto2

Download the links below then print and play:
Game Instructions
Game Board
Dragon Character Pawns - Set of 4
Minli Journey Cards - Fact & Opinion Questions, Set 1
Minli Journey Cards - Fact & Opinion Questions, Set 2
Minli Journey Cards - Fact & Opinion Questions, Set 3

As well as these fun activities above, check out (website by Grace's publisher) for other Education & Activity Guides!