Reading level: ages 4-8
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Language: English
ISBN: 9780375861017

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Thanking the Moon

These activities were first posted to celebrate Thanking the Moon on Grace's blog.

Moon Festival Q&A
What is the Moon Festival? Grace answers basic questions on this widely celebrated in East, but little known in the West, holiday. Read about the Q& A HERE!

Make a glowing lantern
No Moon Festival is complete without lanterns. Make a simple bunny lantern for your Moon Festival celebration. This lantern really glows!

Get instructions for this lantern HERE!

tea-stained eggs recipe
In Thanking the Moon, part of the night-time picnic meal includes eggs (eggs are also eaten in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, too!). That is because eggs are round--symbolizing harmony and fullness--just like the moon!
Get the recipe HERE!

Moon Poetry
One of the traditions of the Moon Festival is to read and recite poems inspired about the Moon. HERE are some examples to inspire you!