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You can meet Grace at your very own school! Schedule an in-person school visit!

A live virtual visit is the next best thing to an in person visit with Grace Lin.

Grace’s Virtual Visits program consists of:

  • A SKYPE chat of up to 1 hour with Grace.
  • A drawing demonstration with student draw along; the demo drawing will be sent to your school!
  • Bookmarks sent to your school for each student participating in the program.
  • Personalized bookplates for students who preorder Grace’s books.
  • A virtual visit also provides your students with a glimpse into Grace’s studio!

Grace offers a choice between 3 unique presentations:

The Chinese New Year
Grade level: 2, 3 or 4
Student preparation: an author study is recommended.

Using her books, "Bringing in the New Year" and "The Year of the Rat," Grace explains and shares the customs of the Lunar New Year. This program includes a Chinese New Year decoration draw-along and Q&A (as time permits). PowerPoint presentation

Behind Year of the Dog
Grade level: 3, 4 or 5
Student preparation: It is strongly encouraged that students read The Year of the Dog before attending this lecture.

Grace's books blend fact and fiction, and none do more so than her chapter book "The Year of the Dog." Learn what was real, what was fiction and how the story came together in this engaging presentation. This program includes a Chinese New Year decoration draw-along and Q&A (as time permits).

Are Your Books Real? Grade level: 3, 4, 5 or 6
Student preparation: an author study is recommended

See what real-life characters, details and myths found their way into Grace's novels in this presentation. This program includes a Tiger decoration draw-along and Q&A (as time permits). It is strongly encouraged that students are familiar with Grace's novels before participating in this program.

Tips and requirements for a Virtual Visit: Please have an adult available during the program to act as host and to facilitate the conversation.
As with an in school visit, it is important to promote the event.
To ensure a successful program, please make sure that the students are familiar with one or more of Grace’s books. Students who have read her work and/or had it read to them are able to relate more easily to the presentation and are more likely to have questions ready. Explore Grace’s website and her publisher site for curriculum suggestions, discussions and related activities!

Technical Requirements:
Grace would prefer a dual screen/computer/projector set up. One screen for Grace’s live chat and the other to project a PowerPoint presentation that Grace will provide to the school prior to her visit.
Someone will need to be available to forward the slides via Grace’s audio cues. Please ensure the space being used is conducive to projecting on a screen and that the speakers are set up so everyone will be able to hear Grace. Make sure you have a camera and microphone so Grace can see and hear your students too!

Honorarium and Scheduling:
$450.00 per 1 hour session ($550.00 if your school would like to record the session for future use.) On certain occasions and if her schedule permits, Grace does offer a 10 minute Q&A Skype session free of charge. This free session is appropriate for book clubs and classes who have read Grace's books.

Contact Aimee at to schedule a virtual visit! With your e-mail, please include:

  • Skype name
  • Address of the school
  • time zone
  • contact name and phone number
  • dates and times you are interested in

    Make sure you have read the below requirements and be prepared to state which program you would like and if you wish to record the visit.


    • all participating students must have read at least one of Grace's books
    • the questions should be prepared ahead of time
    • please do not record the Skype session without Grace's permission.
    • please contact Grace or Aimee at least one day before the Skype chat to reconfirm date & time.