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You can meet Grace at your very own school! Schedule an in-person school visit!

Want to insure a successful school visit with Grace? Here are some helpful hints!

Prepare the students! If Grace is presenting "Behind the Year of the Dog" or "Behind Where the Mountain Meets the Moon," the students should have read books. Consider using one of her novels as a read-aloud for the month before her visit or encourage parents to do so at home. Have the students do some of the activities and discussions Grace has on the site and get them excited about the upcoming visit. There are even more curriculum suggestions at the publisher site:
You can see examples of what other schools have done HERE.

• Grace prefers to present to unmixed grades (so the group is entirely one grade, the same age range). Even though the presentation may be exactly the same, the comprehension and attention span of a kindergartner is very different from a 2nd grader.

• Please do booksales, especially pre-ordering! Pre-ordering helps bring anticipation to the visit and nothing is more exciting to a child than having a book signed by the author they just met, as well as being a constant reminder of the excitement of the day.

• Please have Grace present in a setting such as a library or classroom. If a cafeteria or gym must be used, please have a wireless, handless microphone available.

• Please supply Grace with lunch or a venue to get lunch that is not the school cafeteria.

• Confirm with Aimee Maclagger at at least one week before Grace's visit the time of arrival and day's schedule.