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You can meet Grace at your very own school! Schedule an in-person school visit!

*LECTURE CONTRACT HERE (acrobat needed)

GENERAL. Please direct all communication to Aimee Maclagger at She will confirm dates, financial arrangements, transportation and scheduling. Please confirm the schedule of the day with Aimee before sharing with school staff.

PRESENTATION. Grace normally presents to grades K-6 and can present to higher grade levels on request. Her basic presentations are outlined . Please discuss with her ahead of time which book you wish her to feature. It is vital that you share Grace's other work with the students ahead of time (please see curriculum for preparation guidelines. Whenever possible, Grace asks that presentations take place in a library or a classroom. If a room such as a gym or a cafeteria must be used, it is essential that there is a microphone be available, preferably handless and wireless (a lapel microphone, for example).

EQUIPMENT. Please check Program Requirements for specific presentation needs. In general, for assemblies, Grace usually needs one table in front to display her books. For larger rooms, such as a gym, Grace will need a microphone, preferably handless and wireless (a lapel microphone, for example). Please check the system prior to the visit. For younger grades, Grace asks for an easel, a pad of paper and a black marker so that she can draw for the students.

SCHEDULE. Grace limits her presentations at three per day (but will allow for four if it is a simple book reading for PreK/K). Please allow at least 10 minutes of unscheduled time between presentations. Extra time in the day can be used for presentations by students, autographing, and such. For lunch break, please allow at least one hour, not including travel time.

ESCORT. An escort from place to place within your school is appreciated.

STUDENT PREPARATION. It is vital that you share Grace's other work with the students ahead of time. Please see curriculum for preparation guidelines.

BOOK SALES. Please have Grace's books be offered for sale to students, though not handled directly through Grace. Sales can often be handled by local children's booksellers. Schools handling their own sales should send an order form home to parents prior to a visit. So that no one is left out, Grace supplies and signs postcards or bookmarks for students.

AUTOGRAPHING. Depending upon her travel schedule, Grace is glad to remain after school to finish signing books. For books that cannot be signed during the visit, students can send adhesive labels with a SASE for Grace to autograph. For nonlocal visits, Grace is happy to sign books in the hotel room the evening before.

PUBLICITY. It is encouraged that Grace's visit be publicized through local media. She is happy to give interviews.

RECORDING. Please do not videotape Grace's performance unless she has given her consent. Not only does she prefer to control the quality of any such recording, being videotaped makes her nervous. Photography without flash is fine.

MEALS/LUNCH Grace is perfectly happy eating on site, in a home, in a restaurant.

LODGING. If providing lodging for Grace, the hotel must be bedbug free (please check the bedbug registry to be sure) and ideally have internet access and a fitness room. Please consider the Wyndham, Hampton Inn or similar/better hotel chain. For safety concerns, the door of the hotel room cannot open up to outside.

FINANCIAL. For current charges, please inquire or refer to the Fees and Expenses page. Payment is expected at the end of a visit. Invoices are available upon request. For additional paperwork, please fill out the forms completely before having Grace sign them.