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You can meet Grace at your very own school! Schedule an in-person school visit!


Grace strongly encourages book sales in coordination with her school visits. Not only because it supports the author, but it also enhances the value of the visit for the students. A book autographed by an author that has been seen in person is a constant reminder of the excitement of reading. Book sales can also provide supplementary funds to your school.

For school visits it is recommended that books are presold. The easiest way to handle book sales is to let a local bookseller order the books.

If your school does not have a relationship with a bookstore, ALRAN Books offers a straightforward system as well as a discount to order Grace's books for your visit.

Also, for your convenience, schools can also order Grace's books from ALRAN online. Simply enter, "author" (w/o the quotation marks) as a discount code and you will receive a 16% discount on your order.

Feel free to use this SAMPLE BOOK ORDER FORM and contact ALRAN Books to facilitate your booksales.

9 Townsend Rd, Harrisville, NH 03450
Phone: 603-827-3245 | Toll Free: 1-888-4454551 | Fax: 1-603-827-3575

Grace is always delighted to sign books for her readers. Grace can sign during free moments, at lunchtime, the night before the visit in her hotel room or at a book signing for the school community. Extra bookplates, signed by Grace, can be provided for books requested after the visit if requested. Also, ALRAN Books is able to provide books post-visit if desired.  

If you are not a school but are looking to place a special wholesale order (more than 20), most publishers will give you a discount. Delivery can be within two weeks, but it is best to allow a month or more.

Little, Brown & Co Catherine Kron: 617-263-1906

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