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October 31, 2014

fortune cookie friday

"If you touch black paint, you will have black fingers"
- Chinese Proverb

October 29, 2014

this year's pumpkins

We're a little late with our pumpkins this year!  Again, no pumpkin party (what? nobody wants to have toddlers and sharp knives together?) and, to Rain Dragon's protests, I carved mine alone:

But to make up for not letting her do any of it, I carved her current favorite bedtime book:

her favorite is Lyle and the Birthday Party which she calls "Lyle go to hospeetall"
The Sasquatch carved her favorite characters from her favorite TV show, Peppa Pig. Oddly,  her favorite characters are the periphery characters that barely in the show like Mr. Rhino and Mr. Potato. 

Mr. Rhino silhouette and a Mr. Potato outline!
And, of course, we did let her paint her own:

She was pleased with our finished display during the day:

But we all agreed that it looked best at night:

Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2014

get this exclusive print and support WNDB!

The WNDB Indigogo campaign is going full throttle! It's going great, but there's still more than half of the goal to achieve. To sweeten the pot, I've donated some exclusive, never-before-sold prints to the WNDB Indiegogo campaign! There are five of these available now:

from "Bringing in the New Year"
If/when those sell out, there will be five of these up as perks:

from The Ugly Vegetables
These prints are 13x19 inches and can be personally autographed by yours truly! And, most importantly, they want to have a home with you!

So, please contribute to the WNDB campaign! Even if you are unable to contribute, please spread the word wide and far!