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August 26, 2016

You're Invited!

Come to the When the Sea Turned to Silver Book Party!

I know, I've been squawking about this for a long time-- but this book has been six years in the making! You have to forgive me for wanting to celebrate in a grand style! Please come and celebrate with me!

Saturday, October 8th at 3pm
Porter Square Books
25 White St, Cambridge MA

It will be all the fun of the last book launch (and the one before that) plus some!  Gift bags shall include all kinds of awesome, including a poster, delicious treats, and a chance to win some original art!

Hopefully, you know that I am doing a big pre-order promotion--if you pre-order the book from Porter Square (which you can do no matter where you live), I'm including an exclusive "deleted" story booklet, one that I've especially illustrated and had printed.

Well, if you come to the book party, you can win one of those original illustrations, perhaps even this one:

original art from "The Stonecutter," signed, matted and framed--yours?
How? Just come to the party and if your goodie bag has a special stone in it (the significance of which will be explained) WIN!

Goodie bags are limited (I'm making a lot, but can't promise anything) but those who come on time (can't save bags for stragglers, really sorry!) with books pre-ordered get first dibs, so pre-order (helpful if you say pick up at launch party when you order) and COME! I hope to see you!

Not local? I'm hitting the road on a book tour so see if I'll be near you!

August 22, 2016

On my desk monday

Eeks! I received a final copy of the novel!!! It's a real book now:

the finished book with tear-worthy note from my editor/childhood friend Alvina, whom readers may know as Melody from Year of the Dog!
Yes, not just an advanced reading copy but a REAL book! With the color illustrations inside:

the color type decorations:

and the two color chapter headers:

Is it vain to say that I am so proud?  I feel like this book has been a such marathon of work and emotion, to see the finish line is just so...satisfying. I can't help feel like it's something to celebrate!

Please come celebrate with me! I have a pre-order campaign going on now--you get an exclusive "cut" story when you pre-order from my launch store (and your book will be autographed, too), as well as the actual Book Launch party itself (Sat, Oct 8th at Porter Square Books! Save the date!). I'll be announcing all my special plans (gift bags! grand prizes!) for the party later this week...stay tuned!

August 17, 2016

Pre-order "When the Sea Turned to Silver" and get...

an exclusively printed and illustrated "deleted" story from the book!!

In When the Sea Turned to Silver,  I had to cut out a story which I loved. While it just wasn't needed for the book, I still wanted to share it with you. So, I am creating brand-new illustrations for the story and going to make it into little book of its own...for you!

sneak preview of some of the art!

All you have to do is  pre-order When the Sea Turned to Silver  from my book launch store, Porter Square Books,  you will receive "The Story of the Stonecutter." It's a beautiful story--you're really not going to want to miss it!
The Old Man of the Moon makes a cameo!

The booklet is only available from me so this is only while supples last... PRE-ORDER NOW!  Hurry, hurry!