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Meet The Lins!
(back) Dad, Mom (middle) Lissy, Grandma, Grandpa, Ki-Ki (front) Dog, Pacy, Cat (very front) Mouse

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Family Unit:
Rain Dragon, Grace, Sasquatch

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flower-show-judge, gardener, mother

Grace's mom is cursed (or blessed?) with her name. Her parents (Grace's grandparents) named her Lin-Lin. Then she married Grace's dad, Jer-shang Lin. So now her name is Lin-Lin Lin. Most people don't believe her, and once a store wouldn't accept her check because they didn't believe it was her real name. When she signed report cards, Grace, Lissy, and Ki-Ki used to have a hard time convincing the grade school teachers that was her name also. It's a long-standing joke in the family.