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Meet The Lins!
(back) Dad, Mom (middle) Lissy, Grandma, Grandpa, Ki-Ki (front) Dog, Pacy, Cat (very front) Mouse

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Family Unit:
Rain Dragon, Grace, Sasquatch

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web designer, manager, younger sister

Before Ki-Ki was born Grace's parents sat Lissy and Grace down and told them there was going to be a new baby in the family. Grace remembers that they seemed very serious. She wondered why. Babies were kind of cute, but Grace really didn't care (hey, she was four). So the next day the entire family, including the grandparents, sat in the living room trying to find a name for the new baby. There were piles of books all over the floor, encyclopedias and novels. Grace couldn't read very well so she would just point out random words like radio and building and ask if they were good names. At least they were better names than what Lissy wanted to name her, which were the names Garbage and Poop.