Reading level: 6-12
Pages: 134 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown &Co. (Feb. 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0316060003
Product Dimensions: 5.25x7

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Behind the Story
The Year of the Dog

The Year of the Dog began as a sequel to Grace's beloved book The Ugly Vegetables. However, as Grace began to write, the book would just not fit in a picturebook format. There were so many memories--funny stories that needed to be told, poignant stories that couldn't be left out, family stories that insisted on being written...they just couldn't be contained in 32 pages. Finally, Grace realized that it wanted to be a novel and let it become The Year of the Dog!

The book is fiction, but almost everything had a real life inspiration. Here are some of the things that are true! Do they surprise you?

Mom and Amah walk to school: in the book and in life

Grace as a munchkin: in the book and in life

Mom in school: in book and in life

Book contest: Melody's book is really Grace's book in life