Reading level: 6-12
Pages: 134 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown &Co. (Feb. 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0316060003
Product Dimensions: 5.25x7

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The Year of the Dog

As well as these fun activities below, check out (website by Grace's publisher). Check there for other Education & Activity Guides!

Craft: Make a New Year Banner
Make special decorations to welcome in the Chinese New Year just like in "The Year of the Dog" and "Bringing in the New Year". Using red construction paper, black and gold paint, and Grace's instructions HERE have students make their own New Year banners with Chinese calligraphy. Explain calligraphy and Chinese New Year's customs to the students.

Lesson Suggestion: Chinese Horoscopes
In the book, Pacy is fascinated by the symbolism of the Year of the Dog. Have students research the Chinese horoscope and read about the personality traits for the year she or he was born in. Have students discuss and then write a persuasive essay agreeing or disagreeing with the horoscope descriptions of themselves.
Need some resources? Try these:
Chinese Culture's Zodiac Page
China Today's Zodiac Page

Lesson Suggestion: Memoir Writing
Much of The Year of the Dog is based on Grace's personal experience. Discuss writing from life with the students and have them write their own memoirs from the past year. This can be combined with book making, also a subject in The Year of the Dog. Give students the opportunity to develop an understanding of who they are and where they come from, and how this is connected to the past and future, the near and far away. A memoir study focusing on time, such as a certain year, as a theme can provide this opportunity.

Craft:Draw a Dog
Use these instructions and draw a dog just like Pacy does in the book!
Click here.

Recipe: Make Dumplings!
Make yourself some "get rich" dumplings using Grace's mother's own recipe. Download the recipe HERE