Reading level: Ages 4-8
Pages: 40 pages
Publisher: Viking Books (September 27, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 0670059110
Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.2 x 0.4 inches

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Awards + Reviews
Robert's Snow

• Featured on NBC's Today Show

Young mouse Robert is delighted that snow is falling, but his family warns him that small animals and snow just don't mix. Despite warnings, he ventures out from the patched old shoe where he lives. Initially, he's delighted, jumping about as the snowflakes fall. A wonderful picture saturated with blue-and-white flakes shows the mouse, so tiny, in the center of the page. Robert is lost. Then, even more scary, a man appears. Children will be delighted to recognize the man as Santa Claus, who is kind enough to pick up Robert and bring him home. When the snow finally melts in the spring, Robert finds a present from the unknown (to Robert anyway) stranger: a new shoe for a mouse house. Lin's bright watercolors combine sweetness and humor. Sometimes the scenes are overlaid with snowflakes, adding dimension to the artwork. Young ones will identify with Robert's ebullience and his fear when he gets in (literally) over his head, as well as his satisfaction at being safely back home.

Robert, a playful mouse, and his sensible family live in a dilapidated shoe. Unlike his family who finds snow problematic, Robert loves the wintry white that blankets his landscape. But for the others, the deep snow and stormy weather mean nothing but work and worry. Winter sets in, snow falls, slowly covering the boot. A strong gust of wind blows open Robert's window, and soon he's out frolicking. Play turns to panic when he decides to return to his house: it's nowhere in sight. While frozen with fright, he's spotted, snatched up, and carried back to his warm, safe room by a red furry someone. Once spring arrives and the snow melts, the family ventures outside again, discovering a new shoe-home. Illustrations range in color and intensity from a deep, dense blue of a wintry night-sky, to fluffy, white snowflakes. Lin portrays Robert's glee perfectly as he romps, somersaults, falls, and exclaims, "I love the snow!" The huge mitten and shoe juxtaposed with Robert's tiny tail heighten the suspense as he attempts to hide. The illustrations convey what Robert knows and the young reader learns about that eventful Christmas Eve.

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 1 - A little mouse resides with his family in a leaky, old, leather boot that constantly needs repair. As winter approaches, the others are all for sealing themselves inside to shut out the cold. Robert has always yearned to play in the snow, so when he accidentally slips out of his window, he is delighted. Soon, however, he becomes lost and must be saved by a "big animal" with red fur and blue eyes. He delivers the little mouse to his home, and when the snow melts, Robert's family is mystified and delighted by the appearance of a brand-new boot right next to their old one. Like Robert, young readers will guess who left this thoughtful gift. Cellophane tape, postage stamps, and spools of thread are used to good effect inside Robert's crowded home, and these colorful domestic scenes contrast well with the patterned blue-and-white world outside. This is a cozy book for young children, with only a tiny hint of Christmas in it to add some holiday spice